Eight and Nine Year Old Face Juvenile Court After Playground Fire

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As of Monday, Terry Foster of Jackson had put 26 hours into the clean up of Partnership Park following a fire that badly damaged the park back in August.

"I just want this to get done so it can get back to normal to where kids can come and play," said Foster.

All that is left of the playground is a few pieces of charred plastic and rubber. Nearby trees are still scarred from the flames. It is hard to believe the fire was started by kids.

"There were a lot of people that came by who were disgusted by the way it was done," said Foster.

After an investigation by Jackson Police determined two boys, ages eight and nine, started the fire, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney, Hank Zavislak, wants people to know that behavior is unacceptable.

"There was sufficient information to charge those young children within the juvenile court," said Zavislak. "As a result of that, we petitioned both of those children on arson related charges, which, of course, are very serious.

Zavislak says the petition will attempt a court order to enroll the boys into a program for kids who intentionally set fires. The petition will also seek restitution for the damages.

"If these were 14 and 15 year olds, we could petition the court to go into adult court and subject them to the same kind of prison penalties," said Zavislak.

Foster says, he just wants the boys held responsible.

"Eight and nine, that's fine, but if you did it, you need to be punished," said Foster.

Since the boys are both juveniles, Jackson County will not release their names or hearing time. However, Zavislak says the hearing should happen soon.

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