Education Funding Increases Part of Gov. Snyder's Budget

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Under the governor's proposal, an extra $130 million over the next two years will go toward early childhood education. K-12 and higher education will get a 2% boost in funding.

"We do have budget pressures...we're planning what we're going to do for next year," said Lisa Webb Sharpe, senior vice president of finance, administration and advancement at Lansing Community College.

It seems Gov. Snyder's proposed education funding boost came just at the right time as LCC is bracing for a $2.5 million budget gap for fiscal year 2014. Under the governor's plan, LCC will get an extra $500 million.

"A half a million dollars is equivalent to $1 in tuition...Our tuition increase if we have one would be less than it would be if the state weren't making this investment," said Sharpe.

However, everything is on the table and it seems there's still too much to do, too little money. Though after years of cuts, the governor's push for extra dollars is sitting well with K-12 schools.

"I'm really thrilled that the governor is focusing attention and resources on education," said Lansing School District Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul.

Lansing schools won't benefit from the proposed increase in the foundation allowance because Lansing is not one of the districts that gets the lowest level of per student allowance. Superintendent Caamal Canual says she will be applying for extra money based on best practices and feels confident the district will get something there.

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