Education Called into Question in Kids Count Report

Michigan has major problems in its education system according to a new report out Tuesday.

The Kids Count Report measures the well-being of Michigan's children in comparison to other states. The good news is that teen pregnancy dropped and there were fewer child deaths.
But, the bad news is that Michigan dropped a ranking, down to 32nd in the nation overall, and dropped to 38th in education.

As of last year, 70% of eight graders are not up to speed in math, 23 % of high school students didn't graduate on time and 69% of all fourth graders didn't meet national reading standards.

"We think that focusing on reading by the end of 3rd grade is a really smart strategy," said Judy Putman, the communications director for the Michigan League for Public Policy. "But we don't support just flunking kids who can't read in 3rd grade. We've got to really help them. We've got to help them from birth."

the League for Public Policy said that lawmakers must come up with the money to restore funding cuts for programs that help families and support kids and education. That includes summer reading programs, and programs that give poor families tax credits and food assistance.