Eaton Rapids Man's Cause Inspiring Others to Help Homeless

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"Get you out in the world, get you off the streets. That's what I want to do."

They were words Danny Eaton has rarely heard in his six months on the Lansing streets.

"It's hard to find people out there, who care enough to help give you a hand up," he said.

But that's what Eaton got, after meeting Mike Karl, Tuesday night. Hearing that Eaton's brother had passed away, Karl promised him a free makeover for the Saturday funeral. After getting the word out using social media, Karl got Eaton into the salon for his first haircut in two years, Friday afternoon.

"It's just real nice that they're out there trying to help people," said Eaton.

It's just one of the success stories Karl had been able to tell through Facebook and Livestream. With the help of donations, Karl has gotten several people off the street, this week, and his cause continues to grow.

"People from around the country are sending clothes, food, gift cards," said January Burk.

Burk and her husband Dusting started helping Karl, last year, providing lunches for those without food. One year later, about 15 others gathered to do the same thing.

"We didn't really have anything to pinpoint them to do, except take some lunches and hit the streets," said Burk.

Charmin O'Neil of Eaton Rapids, was one of the volunteers who drove across Lansing, looking for homeless to feed.

"It's an absolutely awesome feeling to be able to come out and help people that need help," she said.

In total, 800 lunches were given out, this week, up from 75, the same week, last year. It's helping an incredible amount of people, like Danny Eaton, who just needed someone to reach out a hand.