UPDATE: Eaton Rapids Ends School Lockdown

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Students in the Eaton Rapids school district had an unexpected end to their day Monday, after administrators put the entire campus on lockdown.

It happened around 1:45 p.m. and kept students at school 20 minutes past regular dismissal.

The district says it was responding to threats, related to a Friday fight at off campus party involving Eaton Rapid students and non-students.

"It was a threat and I don't think there's anything unusual about it but when you're dealing with protecting thousands of kids you err on the side of caution and safety," Superintendent Bill Defrance said. "You don't know if a threat is idle or a threat is real and I think in today's world you take no chances."

Teachers were concerned a non-student, involved in that fight, would come to campus Monday.

According to Eaton Rapids police, the Holt man called an Eaton Rapids student and made a direct threat. He allegedly gave a specific time and stated exactly what he would do. Police have not released specific information on that threat.

Teachers were also tipped off by text messages exchanged between those at the party.

"About 11:00 I was made aware of the potential of the threat and the potential that somebody could do something stupid," Superintendent Bill Defrance said.

Troopers with Michigan State Police say guns were involved in the Friday fight. During the lockdown, they patroled the area surrounding the school looking for the Holt man. He did not show up.

Police have not released his name.

Parents were alerted of the situation via text message, phone calls and emails.

The superintendent says those involved in the fight and threats will be disciplined, but did not say exactly what measures would be taken.

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