Eaton RESA Cuts 24 Jobs

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The Eaton Regional Education Service Agency is cutting jobs to help cut its budget.

After failing to reach a labor agreement earlier this summer, the school district gave pink slips to 24 members of its support staff Thursday afternoon, a move that is expected to save the district $300,000.

The 24 former employees primarily worked with special-needs students. One former employee says many of them have worked in the same school for nearly 20 years.

The employees will be able to perform essentially the same duties at the same schools as before if they reapply with Grand Ledge Public Schools, said Andrew George, director of GLPS's human resources department. They will be given priority before the district opens its hiring process to the public.

But taking a job with GLPS also means taking a pay cut. One former employee told News 10 she will forfeit 27 percent of her salary and her health benefits if she joins GLPS.

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