Eaton County Deputies Increase Presence in Local Schools

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"Most of us wish we could've been there to stop the thing, both as a cop and a parent," said Lt. Jeff Campbell from the Eaton County Sheriff's Office.

In reaction to the shooting in Newtown, Conneticut, Eaton County Sheriff deputies are increasing their presence in local schools this week.

"Trying to reassure students and staff that we're here, we're aware of this. This has impacted every one of us and we want them to know that we're doing our best to keep them safe and to feel safe going to school," Lt. Campbell said.

One of the stops for Lt. Campbell on Monday was Hayes Middle School in the Grand Ledge School District.

"This impacts people in different ways and some teachers and some students are obviously very upset about it," he said.

Several school districts in mid-Michigan are taking this opportunity to reassure families. The Grand Ledge School District superintendent posted a message online saying in part that "all district employees continue to be vigilant in safeguarding our students and staff." The Lansing School District superintendent said in her Monday morning memo that "every school has an emergency plan in place."

"I don't think there's an extreme concern there is a specific threat at our schools. Obviously this is a good opportunity to look over your security protocol, building security, your emergency plans and just make sure you're familiar with them," Lt. Campbell said.

According to Lt. Campbell, they work closely with schools in developing, improving and practicing those plans, but for now, they're also available to simply provide moral support.

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