Eaton County Crime Data Available Online

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The Eaton County Sheriff's Office has joined as part of an effort to help reduce crime and strengthen local community-oriented policing efforts.

The nationwide public mapping service allows residents to analyze interactive maps of recent crime activity. Visitors to the site can generate reports, search by location, and filter for different time periods as well as crime types.

This program analyzes and maps crime data from arson to assault; burglary; drugs/alcohol violations; DUI, fraud; homicide; robbery; car theft; thefts and vehicle break ins; weapons violation; and even multiple crimes at a single location. Color coded icons provide information about these crimes. Crimes can be compiled in a report format or shown as a graph to identify patterns or trends useful for neighborhood and business watch groups.

Keeping the public well informed has been proven effective as a crime fighting strategy, and Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich is proactively sharing information with the citizens of our communities and empowering them with valuable and timely information.

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