Eastwood Expansion Still Under Construction After Two Years

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If you've been to Eastwood Towne Center in the last few years, you've probably noticed the giant construction site behind it. It's construction that just doesn't seem to be wrapping up. News 10's Amanda Malkowski did some digging to find out why this new development is taking so long, after receiving e-mails from people who wanted to know what the hold up is. Some people said that the construction site and large, empty parking garage, is an eye sore. and they wanted to know when the area will finally be developed. we went on a tour of the site with lansing township's director of planning and development to find out when the heights at eastwood will finally become a reality.

Hotels, restaurants, retail space, luxury apartments and a large parking garage. The development is called The Heights at Eastwood, and it sits behind Eastwood Towne Center and NCG Cinemas. Crews broke ground on the 45 million dollar project over two years ago, back in June of 2011. It was slated for completion by September of 2012. A year and a half ago it looked like this, and today it looks like this, almost exactly the same. So, what's the delay?

"The delay has been based on the banks needing specific language addressed by parties that are no longer even involved in the property, so it's taken 7 or 8 months to get those consents in place, which are in place now," said Steve Hayward, Director of Planning & Development for Lansing Township.

And now that they're in place, things seem to be finally moving along. When we visited the the Heights at Eastwood, construction was happening at the site of the new hyatt place hotel. Construction is also set to start on the 124 luxury apartments, in a few weeks. And according to the township's supervisor, that's just fine. The delay has not hurt the township financially.

"We're a little bit behind, but I think that's going to be expected when you have so many parties involved. And you have so many agreements that have to be done between the property owners, the people who are doing the building, the attorneys who are handling all of that. There's just a lot of issues," said Kathleen Rogers, Lansing Township's Supervisor.

But not everything is still under construction. The parking garage, which was built to accommodate apartment residents, hotel guests and Heights employees is finished, and two restaurant spaces are functioning- Tony Sacco's and the former site of Bar 30, which closed recently after about a year in business.

"It really wasn't producing the sales volume that they anticipated. Being a new concept, it was best for them to shelve it quickly and return the space to the township or to their new partners," said Hayward.

The space will now house a new restaurant called Capital Prime, an upscale steak and seafood option, that is set to open in early September. Developers say the whole project should finally be completed late next summer.

"If you come back a year from now, it's going to look dramatically different than it is today," said Hayward.