East Lansing Remembers 9/11

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"We were not only crying for the Muslim community as it was becoming isolated and persecuted, we were crying for the victims and the families of 9/11 regardless of their faith," Abdalmajid Katranji, from the Islamic Society, said.

Regardless of your faith, that was the message at the Hannah Community Center in East Lansing as many came to listen to different religious responses to the attacks on 9/11.

"All the religions of the world worship a deity who is about peace and love and not hatred and war," Rev. Kit Carlson, said.

The service featured music, stories and at times, just silence. Different religious communities from around East Lansing came together to reflect on what happened ten years ago.

"Well I came out to join in the remembrance of 9/11 and be part of the unity message that is being spread here," East Lansing mayor, Victor Loomis, said.

That unity message was spread clearly throughout the theatre. Those in attendance really enjoyed the different messages from different religious communities.

"I thought it was absolutely the right thing to do and it was outstanding," Loomis said.

While the service promoted a message of peace, those in attendance couldn't help but fight back a few tears throughout the service. The peace message was evident through only one gesture at the end of the service, two complete strangers holding hands.

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