East Lansing to Property Owners: Pick up Trash or Pay

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As winter comes to a close and residual snow melts away, business owners, residents and landlords in the City of East Lansing are asked to take a pro-active approach to cleaning up litter on their property.

Litter can pile up, even in the winter, and it is often not cleaned up because of snow. East Lansing Parking & Code Enforcement (PACE) asks that business owners, residents, and landlords check their properties and clean up any litter and trash that may have accumulated over the winter months.

In addition to litter, property owners are encouraged to clean up broken branches and tree limbs on their properties as well. Larger branches can be placed at the curb through Monday, April 7 for free collection by the East Lansing Department of Public Works.

"By taking this pro-active approach, our community will look nice for the spring and summer," said PACE Supervisor Eldon Evans.

Property owners who do not perform necessary cleanups could face fines and possible cleanup fees. PACE officers will begin strict litter enforcement throughout the community in mid-April. Contact PACE at (517) 319-6894 with any questions. To report a complaint, call (517) 351-4220 and select Option 2.

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