East Lansing Sexual Assault Suspect Appears In Court

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The man charged with sexually assaulting MSU students this spring will face those victims on Friday.

Oswald Scott Wilder is charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct in East Lansing.

The 26-year-old was in court this morning, and didn't make any statements. But in a copy of the police report News 10 obtained, Wilder says plenty.

Hundreds of pages implicate Wilder as the man who attacked four women in East Lansing -- all of them violent sexual encounters.

"He's in good spirits. He's been charged with some very heavy crimes, and I think anyone would feel the weight of that," Wilder's attorney Paul Toman said. "So, given the circumstances, I think he has a very good demeanor."

Those circumstances include signed, hand-written statements from Wilder acknowledging his actions. Admitting he smoked crack cocaine, which he states caused violent sexual urges, like reaching up the victims' skirts as they walked home at night, grabbing them from behind, and dragging them to secluded areas.

"In reading the reports, there's a lot of information to digest still," Toman said. "I hope to clarify some of these things through the examination process."

The four victims will tell their stories in court of the assaults that happened on March 30, April 20, April 26, and May 16. Two of them are now out of the country and will appear via Skype.

Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings said with the help of East Lansing and State Police, they have a solid case.

"It was good police work. They did a very good job," Dunnings said.

Police discovered Wilder followed his victims at the Meijer on Lake Lansing Road from surveillance footage. Then after thorough investigations, DNA evidence led to his arrest, and as prosecutors are hoping, potential conviction.

"I think that if it turns out this suspect is the individual, that there will be a sigh of relief in the community," Dunnings said.

To protect the victims, the judge is not allowing any audio or video recordings of their testimonies in court on Friday.

News 10 will have a crew in the courtroom and will let you know what happens Friday.

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