East Lansing Police Prep As Fans Begin to Roll In

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Fans began rolling into East Lansing Friday evening aboard Amtrak's "Rivalry Train" from Chicago.

Amtrak is piloting a new program shuttling football fans from rival schools across the country to their game weekends.

Even Sparty was there for the train's arrival Friday as the mostly Spartan-filled train unloaded.

"Everyone already takes the Amtrak to get up here so why not go as a group," said Katie Uphaus.

Lucas Brockner was the lone Michigan fan on board.

"It was interesting... [the MSU fans] said just don't talk to us too much," he said jokingly. "It's all good fun."

As the crowds begin to pour in, East Lansing police say they're ready to go.

"It's the biggest weekend out of the fall," said Captain Jeff Murphy. "We've dealt with this many times and not only for football but for NCAA tournament basketball, welcome week... all the big events."

Murphy said when it comes to dealing with rowdy students, they're actually not usually the biggest issue.

"It's not always the students," he said. "There's a lot of citations and a lot of arrests made of people who are in town visiting."

The later start time to the game meaning more time for drinking and tailgating didn't seem to be cause for too much added concern, according to Murphy.

Though he did say house parties that get too big and noisy usually end up causing police the most problems on game day. While it's acceptable to have one, Murphy advises keeping it small or calling police if it becomes an issue.

Murphy said East Lansing police will be working with MSU campus police to patrol the area, direct traffic on and off campus, and patrol the stadium during the game.

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