East Lansing Lab Confirms Picasso Artwork

Tony Begley, Collector
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A new find in the world of art was unveiled today in the offices of an East Lansing Forensic Lab. A Tennessee man came all the way to Michigan to see if he has a real “Picasso.”

The sketch shows a woman, sitting proudly on a horse. It’s done in ink, with a signature on the bottom right corner, that says “Picasso.” Collector Tony Begley has a Certificate of Authenticity to go with the sketch. He was pretty sure the piece was a real “Picasso,” but he wanted to be sure.

So Begley asked scientists at Speckin Forensic Labs to verify if the ink used in the sketch, could have been used during the Picasso Era. Begley said, “I am so glad that I did because once Erick gave me the results, I knew that all the research that we had done prior to that, everything fit together, and this is what it is, and it's a legit real piece and its been long lost in history for years and years and years."

Begley collects muscle cars for a living. His parents were avid collectors too. The drawing, was given to him by his mother. Begley’s not sure where she got it, but knows it came from a Neveda man who bought it in Europe in 1970. Begley says, "It was never published, and it was never catalogued, so no one ever saw it. Today is the first time the public has been able to look at this."

Begley believes Picasso created the piece sometime during the 1920’s. He says there are similarities between the eyes of the horse in the drawing, and the eyes of a Picasso self-portrait. Begley says, "The forensic testing was key to that issue, it supports all the research that we have done. All the consistencies here with the art that Picasso did is all there, it all fits."

Begley plans to take the drawing back home to a Knoxville auction house. He’s not sure where it will go from there, either to a museum or on sale. He believes the piece is worth anywhere from $400,000 to $2.5 million.