East Lansing Extends Snow Emergency

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The City of East Lansing has declared a snowstorm emergency, which will extend until at least 5 p.m. today, Jan. 6. At that time, the City will issue another statement with further information. The following notices have been issued:

• Residents are asked to not travel on public streets for their own safety. Travel for an essential purpose is excluded.

• Parking on all streets is suspended until the emergency is lifted. This will allow East Lansing Department of Public Works crews to effectively clear snow from roadways and will allow public safety vehicles to effectively respond to service calls.

• All non-essential City of East Lansing operations are closed today, Jan. 6. East Lansing City Hall, the East Lansing 54-B District Court, the East Lansing Hannah Community Center, the East Lansing Department of Public Works, the East Lansing Public Library, East Lansing Prime Time and the East Lansing Bailey Community Center will be closed.

• Due to dangerously low temperatures, the City of East Lansing strongly advises residents to stay indoors.

• Due to dangerously low temperatures, enforcement of the City of East Lansing's snow removal ordinance for property owners is suspended today, Jan. 6.

• Due to the weather and the snow removal operations, the Department of Public Works will be unable to collect all Christmas trees at the curb today, Jan. 6. As weather permits, DPW will continue to pick up Christmas trees and ice storm debris until it is all collected. Christmas trees already at the curb can remain at the curb.

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