East Lansing Considering Development Proposals

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East Lansing City Council is expected to make a decision on a long-awaited development project Tuesday night.

It's the Park District, formerly known as City Center 2.

The proposed development at the corner of Abbot and Grand River never got off the ground, but that could change after Tuesday night.

City council will choose DTN Management or Lurvey White Ventures as its partner for the new development.

Lurvey White Ventures' proposal includes restaurants, retail and living space. There would also be room for a year-round farmers market, hotel and banquet center, and parking. Another version adds more office and retail space, and student housing.

DTN's proposal includes a hotel, residential units, retail and office space. Some of the buildings could house a small pharmacy, an urgent care, a specialty grocery store, and space for entrepreneurs. The plans also mention a skywalk with access to MSU's campus and underground parking.

This is in very early stages. Once East Lansing City Council chooses a development partner, there will need to be studies, public meetings, design work, and a financial analysis before construction would begin.

DTN rendering (2 of 2).
DTN rendering (1 of 2).
Lurvey White Ventures rendering (2 of 2).
Lurvey White Ventures rendering (1 of 2).

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