East Jackson Students Try to Save Football Season

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Kyle Wymer wants one more chance to play his favorite game.

"We just wanna run the ball one more time, play one more time," Wymer said. "Those Friday night lights, there's nothing like them."

Wymer is a senior football player at East Jackson High School. And after months of practice, his thoughts of lights and roaring crowds were replaced by those of an empty field.

The superintendent cancelled the 2014 varsity season Tuesday.

So students are making their voices heard.

About 75 people showed up outside the superintendent's office Wednesday to support the football team.

"A lot of us can't imagine our senior year without a football team, without a football season," said Allison Boudreau, senior class president.

The superintendent said he decided to cancel the season because there weren't enough players.

But in the past few days, the students say they've found a team of their own.

"We rallied together to get some more guys," Boudreau said. They have almost 20 players ready to join, but the superintendent wants proof.

The superintendent says that so far only one student has come forward to join the varsity football team, but without enough practice, he's concerned what real players will do to students who joined at the last minute.

"Football is not a sport where you can just roll off the couch and play," said Patrick Little, the East Jackson school superintendent. "You have to be prepared."

Little did say that students have until Friday afternoon to go to the coach personally and sign up.

If they get enough players, Little is hopeful they will have a season.

And for Kyle Wymer, that's his second chance.

As of Wednesday only nine players were signed up for the varsity team, and the superintendent said he'd like to have at least 18.

He doesn't want to fill the team out with freshmen and sophomores because they could be physically overmatched playing against senior laden opponents.

He and the school board will decide Monday if they will have a season.