East Coasters Ride Out Hurricane Sandy

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Some have already experienced the worst of Hurricane Sandy, others are about to face it.

Candy Shick moved from Cleveland, Ohio, to Virginia Beach a week ago, and now she's already lived through her first hurricane.

"I made sure I was prepared, I had food, I had a flashlight, batteries, water," Shick said. "Everything that they said I would need. They said just pay attention to the city, if they say to evacuate...And that's when I started to freak out, like 'Evacuate?!'"

Candy didn't have to evacuate for Sandy, but she couldn't make it to her new job because of flooding, and the wind damage was extensive. She said 300 lbs. landscaping pots were being "thrown around like rag dolls."

The worst is over for Virgina, but those in Washington, D.C. are experiencing almost a total shutdown of the nation's capitol as the hurricane nears.

"Most people are just at home, hoping to ride it out," said Frank Gulino, who lives in D.C. "We went shopping this weekend to get water and things like that, and stores were just like sold out of everything. It was unbelievable."

People are experiencing similar conditions in New Jersey. Atlantic City is flooded, schools and highways are closed, and many people are already without power.

"So far I've had a lot of limbs down. There's limbs all over the deck," said Debra Cassilo, who lives in New Jersey. "The entire backyard is covered in leaves. You can't even see the grass anymore. It's like something I've never experienced. I can't imagine it could get worse than this, but if it does, oh boy."

Power companies there said it would probably be a week until they can get everything restored.

East Coasters are reminded of last year's freak snow storm around this time as well.

People were left without power for a week, and Halloween celebrations were canceled in many ares including New Jersey.

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