Early Mudslinging in City Council Campaign

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Lansing City Councilwoman Jessica Yorko says she was horrified when she saw, what she calls, a threatening Facebook post by local campaign consultant, Joe DiSano.

It read, "Stand against Chong-Anna Canfora and you will be humbled old country way." It's a threat often used on Twitter by the extremely profane former professional wrestler 'The Iron Sheik'.

Canfora is running against Yorko for her Fourth-Ward City Council seat. Yorko says that's not what the campaign process is about.

"It's about an exchange of ideas that help us move forward and do better for the people that we represent and the people we serve, not about annihilating other people," she said.

Not long after the first post, Canfora's husband responded with 'There will be blood'. News 10 caught up with Canfora, who says the posts weren't officially from her campaign and shouldn't be taken seriously.

"Joe DiSano is a friend of my husband's. He is not employed by my campaign and frankly, after this dust up, he wouldn't be," she said.

She also says Yorko is overreacting.

"They looked immature, drawn out of context, and weren't directed at Councilwoman Yorko," said Canfora.

While Canfora doesn't know who they were directed to, another supporter of her's, Thomas Morgan told News 10 over the phone the comments were aimed at an endorsing organization he wouldn't name.

That doesn't matter to Yorko.

"By making that statement, you are involving anyone who is running against you," she said.

Canfora says Yorko is just trying to draw attention away from the race itself.

"My opponent seems to be trying to distract and talk about things other than her record," she said.

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