ELPD Looking to Identify Man Who Held 'Burn the Couch' Sign at Saturday's Game

Picture from East Lansing Police Department Facebook page.
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In a post on their Facebook page Monday, East Lansing police say they are looking to identify the man who held up the 'Burn the Couch' sign at Saturday's game.

The post, which included a screen capture from the Saturday night broadcast of the game, said ELPD was looking to identify the person holding the sign and added that tips can remain anonymous.

East Lansing Police Lieutenant Scott Wrigglesworth would not comment any further on the post, other than to say they were just looking to identify the man.

While both ELPD and MSU officials have threatened to pursue charges and take disciplinary action against those involved in Saturday's disturbance, would ELPD be able to take any kind of legal action against someone for holding up a sign at the game?

WILX's Josh Sidorowicz will be speaking to a local defense attorney and will have more tonight on News 10 at 11.

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