Drivers React to VOA Panhandling Cards

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Lansing, MI - Drivers sound off about the Volunteers of America's new approach to panhandling, following a story News 10 brought you Wednesday about panhandling in Lansing.

The VOA here in Michigan wants people to hand the homeless or panhandlers business cards that list different services the organization can offer the homeless like food, housing, drug recovery, and counseling.

The VOA urges people to pick up these free cards and hand them out to those begging. Their goal is to get more people off the streets and into the VOA branch on Larch Street.

Are drivers willing to roll down their windows and pass a business card to panhandlers standing on street corners?

Drivers in South Lansing were generally on board with the initiative.

"If you can offer them some kind of resource or service that's a good idea," says one man.

"I don't think it is a waste of time because it does give them information where to go to get food or something and I'm all for that," says another woman.

Some people were more hesitant.

"I don't know if i would be fully comfortable with that."

You can pick up the free cards by stopping by the VOA on Larch Street downtown, or you can go to

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