Drivers React to I-96 Shooting Suspect in Custody

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For the past three weeks, driving has become a stressful task for some. Drivers say they fear they or someone they know could be the shooter's next victim.

"A truck threw a rock and hit my windshield and it just had me nervous. I was so nervous my hands were shaking when I finally got to my destination, my heart was racing," said Miya Williamson, who drives from Detroit to Lansing every day.

"Maybe someone I knew might get shot at, you know," said Webberville resident Sheila McKinney.

The string of shootings started three weeks ago. Five incidents were reported around 7 p.m. on October 16th. One was in Oakland County's Commerce Township and four others were in Wixom. Another incident was reported the next day in Commerce Township. Thursday October 18th was the busiest with a total of 16 incidents reported -- six in Wixom, one near Howell, two in Perry and seven in Ingham County. Finally on October 27th, two cases were reported near Fowlerville including the only shot to injure a driver.

Now that someone is in custody, people say they feel life can go back to normal.

"People can actually travel without worrying if there's going to be somebody pulling a gun out on them," said Tina Noll, who often drives from Lansing to Webberville.

However, some other drivers still have reservations.

"Let's just say I'll feel a lot safer when they finally have some answers, some concrete answers," said Williamson.

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