Man Shot In I-96 Shootings

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The Livingston County Sheriff's department is investigating two more shootings along I-96 near Fowlerville.

The first shot went through a drivers side window and came out on the passenger's side. The driver, an 18 year old male from Canton and his passenger, an 18 year old female from Plymouth weren't hurt.

The second shooting went through a drivers side door and hit the driver in the left butt cheek.

The driver, a 46 year old male from Delton at first thought he had a flat tire. When he pulled over he say blood on his side and realized he had been shot. The man went through surgery and is doing fine.

Police believe the shooter is the same man involved in the previous highway shootings.

This is a sketch of what witness's believe the shooter looks like.
If you have information about these shootings please contact the Wixom Police Department or make an anonymous tip at 1-800-SPEAK UP."

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