Dozens of Local Hostess Employees Laid Off

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Chris McKnight didn't just deliver Twinkies, he was a Twinkie.

"A couple of times I dressed up as the Twinkie in the Twinkie outfit," McKnight said. "I was the Twinkie Man! That was a blast."

But as of Friday evening, those are over for him and at least 11 other employees at the Miller Road Hostess Outlet in Lansing.

"My son-in-law works here," Ed Reichstetter said after buying a bag full of Hostess products. "I'll try to do what I can for him and stuff, try to do the best I can."

The employees still can't believe it, even though there was talk about something like this occurring.

"I never thought it would happen," McKnight said. "Who would think that they'd do away with the Twinkie? You know? It's an icon."

The store sold out of regular Twinkies by early evening, but it still has the chocolate flavor. The store's supervisor wasn't allowed to go on camera, but a person at the store said once everything is off the shelves, that's it.

"Hopefully we'll have enough today and by tomorrow we can freeze some, so we'll have a little supply to last for a while," customer Deborah Scott-Warr said.

She got four bags worth of Hostess goodies, but the outlets weren't the only ones busy. Tom's Food Center in Portland, Mich., had an almost empty Hostess case by the end of the day. A representative said one person bought an entire cart of Twinkies.

Knowing he won't be able to deliver more of those is especially tough for McKnight.

"There were a lot of hugs from everybody so that's cool, 'We're gonna miss you!' They're part of my family pretty much, because I see them more than I see anyone else just about," McKnight said.

His main concern now is being able to afford a Christmas present for his daughter.

"It was a job and it was a good job," McKnight said. "We'll pick up and move on like we have to."

He's already one step ahead - he said he never ate Twinkies anyway.

The Jackson outlet store also said it's going out of business. An employee there said it's known for a little while, but got the official word Friday morning.

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