"Dog" Bounty Hunting in Jackson

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Fans in Jackson eagerly waited to catch a glimpse of famed bounty hunters Duane "Dog" Chapman and his wife Beth Chapman.

They're on a mission to bring in fugitive Ricky Wheeldon. The 53-year-old man was convicted for his role in a massive theft ring. He took off during trial and has been on the run for five months.

"We have never not captured our fugitive and Ricky will not be the first one," said Duane Chapman.

Several people involved have taken a hit since Wheeldon took off, including the bail bondsman who signed off on his $500,000 bond and also the fugitive's elderly mother.

"To do a bail bond in this state you have a fee and then you have what is called a collateral. So Ricky Wheeldon's mother put up her home," said Duane Chapman.

That means she lost her own home and her new living conditions, according to Beth Chapman, are far less than desirable.

"This woman is sitting in a house over here with no refrigerator, no stove, no nothing. 81 years old," said Beth Chapman.

On Thursday, Beth Chapman brought her some food and they're hoping news of what his mother is going through will persuade Wheeldon to turn himself in.

"I've done this for 32 1/2 years and I have never seen anyone in any city any state run away and let their mother be actually evicted from property and sit there hungry," said Duane Chapman.

As they continue on the hunt, they're asking fans to not call asking for autographs but to call in any tips. Their tipline is (517) 219-4765. You can also call the Jackson County Sheriff's Office with any leads.

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