Districts Balance Safety, Snow Days and Summer

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After weeks of bad weather, feet of snow and below freezing temperatures, districts are not only running out of snow days, some have exceeded their limits.

This puts additional pressure on district leaders on whether to call off school because of snow days.

Now, some in the community wonder if districts are making poor decisions just to keep the academic year from spilling over into summer.

St. Johns Schools has had nine snow days this year. That's three beyond what is built into the calendar.

On Wednesday around 4:30 a.m., Superintendent Dedrick Martin decided to move forward with classes. However the snow intensified, and three buses ended up getting stuck. No one was hurt, but Thursday he said, had he known the snow was getting worse, he would have canceled schools.

Coming up on WILX News Ten at 5, we talk to Martin about the decision, and how he balances safety concerns with academic pressures.

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