Disabled Homeless Get Keys To Apartments Thanks to VOA

Eleven people who started the day with no place to live got the keys to their own apartments Friday.

The Volunteers of America has been working with the federal government and the Greater Lansing Homeless Resolution Network to put this project into action.

The apartments are all completely furnished with help from VOA thrift stores.

All eleven of the people moving in today have a disability, which qualified them for the program.

Patrick Patterson, the executive vice president for the VOA, said, "It's just 11, but its a meaningful drop. [It's] very important to these 11 folks who've got a bunch of disabling conditions and will always likely need some help to maintain the greatest degree of independence in their lives."

Patterson says volunteers will be visiting often to help with everyday living challenges.

It's something these 11 people have grown used to, but they say they're just happy to have a second chance.

The VOA calls this part of its mission to combat homelessness.

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