Dewitt Township Business Destroyed by Fire

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As many as 60 firefighters from five agencies battled a blaze at Clinton Home Center in Dewitt Township Thursday night. The warehouse was completely destroyed and the showroom was unusable.

"Umm it was extremely hard," said owner Greg Penix.

Penix was lost for words. He said his shop in St. Johns burned down to the ground 25 years ago and now he can't believe it has happened again.

"Bottom line it's very difficult, all the way through the process, it's very difficult and that's the unknown," said Penix.

Dewitt Township Fire Chief Frederick Koos is calling it a suspicious fire but they're still investigating exactly what caused it.

"Whether somebody had been using that as a break area or maybe it could be something irrelevant from the business...Intentional or not intentional, it's just undetermined," Koos said.

Penix says they will rebuild despite the hardships. They already set up an office space in Bath to take customer orders and hope to have a store front in Clark Corners within a week.

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