DeWitt Intersection Finally Gets Stoplight

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Stopping at a red light isn't everyone's favorite thing to do, especially when you're in a hurry. But there is one traffic light that's giving people in DeWitt something to be excited for.

"It's the best red light I've seen lately because we needed it for so long," said Jim Purvis, a DeWitt Township resident.

For years blinking red and yellow lights were the only signals at this dangerous intersection at Old 27 and Webb Road, but they're gone, replaced with eight new traffic lights.

For years residents pushed MDOT to install a stoplight at the intersection.

"What I really appreciate about it is the powers that be listened to the community," Purvis added.

At one point DeWitt Police said this intersection was the worst for accidents in Clinton County. One neighbor says he's seen at least a dozen accidents and one fatality since the blinking lights were first installed. Hopefully those statistics will be changing.

"Now that the light's there it makes it safer for everybody," said Kile Jones, Manager at B Strong Fitness in DeWitt.

Township Supervisor Rick Galardi told News 10 that he hopes to see less severe accidents at this intersection, but it will take time to see the full effect of these new traffic lights.

"We have a lot of people that run or ride their bikes to the gym so it makes it safer for them as well," Jones shared.

Local businesses hope the new lights will make it easier for people to get to their stores.

"Customers who do drive that road have mentioned they are happier they put a light in," said Tyler Beard, Assistant Manager at Gilbert's Hardware in DeWitt.

While people say they're happy with the traffic light, the next challenge is getting use to slowing down at the signal.

"You're not expecting it and all of a sudden you're popping up red and it's like, oh I forgot there's a light there," Jones added.

For most residents, it's worth getting use to.

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