Detroit Lions Playing in Charity Basketball Game in Jackson

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Some former and current Detroit Lions football players will hit the gym in Jackson this weekend to raise money for charity. It will be held this Saturday night at Western High School. The Detroit Lions will take on members from the Jackson community. The charity basketball game is one of many events to raise money for the Thought 1 Scholarship Fund, which helps a Jackson County graduate who is either a cancer survivor, or lost a parent to cancer. . The scholarship was inspired by Noah Nagy's first thought when he was diagnosed with cancer.

"Your first thoughts are of your children, and that was mine. And I think any parent that has dealt with this or any family, I'm sure their first thoughts are of their kids and their family," said Nagy.

So the Thought 1 Scholarship was born to help those families. It's goal- to support a Jackson County Student who has lost a parent to cancer or is a cancer survivor. It's a scholarship that could help a dad like Derrick White, who lost his wife to breast cancer, send his children to college.

"When you're left home with two small kids, financially there's a lot of burden, and knowing that there's a potential scholarship out their for them to continue their education is awesome. It would mean the world to me," said Derrick White, who will be an official at the game.

And the scholarship is likely to benefit Jackson County kids for years to come. The fund, which opened at zero dollars, is on the threshold of meeting its initial 50 thousand dollar goal thanks to successful events, which will allow the scholarship to be endowed by the Jackson Community Foundation.

"We use just a portion of the earnings every year to fulfill the scholarship, and so that means that the thought 1 scholarship will be around forever, and that's something that will be a big gift to the community over time," said Monica Moser, the CEO of the Jackson Community Foundation.

The game is this Saturday at 7:30 at Western High School in Jackson County. WILX Amanda Malkowski will be playing on the Thought 1 Team. Tickets can be purchased at the door. The first scholarship will be awarded this spring.