Detroit Fights Pending Emergency Manager Appointment

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In a matter of days, Gov. Snyder could be sending an emergency manager to Detroit. A group of citizens traveled to Lansing on Tuesday to protest and send a message.

"I would tell Gov. Snyder we don't need emergency management. We will not allow it, there will be a human chain, there will be thousands, there will be demonstration after demonstration," said Rev. Charles Williams II from the Michigan Chapter of the National Action Network.

Meanwhile, Detroit City Council made their case at a hearing, arguing they're making progress on initiatives set in a consent agreement reached with the state last year. They said they need more time and suggested the state agree to a modified consent agreement instead.

"We brought some pretty compelling facts that we want him [governor] to consider over the next several days or however long it takes to make their decision," said Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh.

However, the review team that looked into Detroit's finances didn't seem to support city council's proposed alternative and says Detroit fell short of expectations with the first consent agreement.

"We expected the city would take the agreement more seriously. We didn't expect they would challenge it in court, for example, after they had signed it," said Fredrick Headon.

If an emergency manager is appointed, some say Gov. Snyder can expect challenges from citizens.

"Let my words be know throughout the State of Michigan, an emergency manager will not walk through the doors without walking past the City of Detroit.," said Rev. Williams.

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