Detroit City Councilman Makes Plea Deal in Traffic Stop

Various shots of the Detroit, MI skyline.
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DETROIT (AP) -- A Detroit City Council member who was found with marijuana and alcohol in his car during a traffic stop has accepted a plea deal in his traffic case and has paid a $95 fine.

George Cushingberry's lawyer made the payment Monday in the case that's based on a Jan. 7 stop.

The Detroit News reports that lawyer Rohn Mitchell says he and a prosecutor worked out a deal for Cushingberry to plead guilty to driving 1-5 miles above the speed limit. In exchange, authorities dropped a charge of failing to signal for a turn.

Police say they found alcohol and marijuana after stopping Cushingberry. His passenger had a medical marijuana license, and Cushingberry's sobriety wasn't tested.

The black councilman says he was racially profiled and says he wasn't drunk.

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