Despite "Snow Emergency" Police, Fire Always Ready

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"Wow. You can't even see downtown," said Sergeant Ryan Cressman of the Lansing Police Department as he drove past Sparrow Hosipal on Michigan Avenue.

While thousands stayed home from work and school, first responders brought on extra staff.

Sgt. Cressman started his shift at six in the morning.

Monday two Lansing Police officers had to be picked up to make it in to work.

The city has switched its officers from patrol cars to 4x4 pickup trucks and SUVs. It is having them go in pairs of two rather than by themselves.

"In general crime continues on," said Sgt. Cressman. "We've still got to be prepared to deal with every call that comes in."

During the past two days LPD has responded to more than 450 calls for service, including 37 accidents.

"It might take us a little bit longer to get there but we are going to get there," said Sgt. Cressman.

The lansing fire department responded to 76 calls in the past 24 hours. The overwhelming majority are medical.

"It becomes very dangerous for our medical crews to not only traverse through the snow--walking up to someone's house trying to get a patient out of the house on a back board or cot," said Deputy Chief Trent Atkins of the Lansing Fire Department.

Sunday night two ambulances got stuck in the snow. The Lansing Fire Department is now sending each ambulance out with a fire truck to help dig it out if need be.

"All of the main roads in the city are like this right now," said Sgt. Cressman as he drove down Larch St. "They have been plowed, but they are still icy and snow covered."

First responders ask everyone to slow down, double following distances between cars, and if you can stay home.

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