Dentist Giving Free Services; Helps Community

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JACKSON (WILX)-- A local dentist was giving back smiles to the community by offering free dental services for the day. Watterson Family Dentistry was able to give than 120 people free dental care on Saturday.

"I'm here to get my teeth pulled for free. Everywhere else charges an arm and a leg to get your teeth pulled," said Douglas Stepka.

The event, 'Dentistry From the Heart ' was a first come first serve basis so people started lining up at 8 pm the night before.

"The wait was worth it," said Amber Tater, a mom bringing in her two kids for check-ups. "Growing up my parents would take us every 6 months like you're supposed to. Unfortunately I don't have the resources. So this is a big thing for us to be able to do this."

"It means a lot to me giving back to the society. A lot of people are happy here and they have been out as long as me. It's a blessing that there are people our here to help us," said Christopher Hicks. Hicks was waiting out most of the morning to get some fillings done.

Cleanings, fillings, extraction's, Watterson's Dentistry did it all for free.

"We've had an idea to do this for many years. It just happened within the last year when we were introduced to Dentistry from the Heart. They have provided the framework to make this happen," said Taryn Watterson.

'Dentistry From the Heart' was so successful and the Watterson family saw such a need that they do hope to do this more often. They want to make this more than just a one time thing.

"Hoping to make it an annual event, possibly a bi-annual event. So maybe twice a year," said Watterson.

Remember, you and your family should be seeing the dentist a least once a year, if not every six months.

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