Hazardous Material Caution at Leslie Fire Site

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"There's more work here to do, Donald Long, acting site supervisor of the ISC Plating factory clean up in Leslie Friday morning.

He and his environmental clean up crew are only beginning the long process of finding the hazardous material buried beneath the ash and scrap metal.

But, even though the air and water in the area have been declared safe, Long says clean up isn't over yet.

"I wouldn't be standing here talking to you if there was an immediate risk to health and safety," Long said. "But inside the fence, that's a different story."

The plant contained gallons of hazardous acid, most of which burned up in the fire. The crew is working to separate out the hazardous material from the scrap.

Chemicals like chromic acid solution, nickel plating solution and other materials toxic to the touch were used in the factory. The burned material shows up as a different color on metal.

Even the dust outside the large metal fence could contain hazardous material, and Long is warning people to stay as far away from the area as possible.

"The process is very safe for the residents around here," said Brian Reed, Leslie city manager. "There shouldn't be any worries."

Long said today is just the beginning of a long process to make the area safe once more.

The contractor met with the fire department, EPA and state Department of Environmental Quality today.

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