Democrats, Republicans Work Through Election Day

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At U.A.W. Local 652 in Lansing, the stage was set as the big day had finally arrived and the excitement was apparent.

"This is Election Day. This is what we've been working so hard for all these mothers, and for some people in the campaign, several years," said Elisa Ramos, Director of the Staging Center for Obama.

Ramos says it means all hands on deck for the volunteers at the staging center.

"We have people going out canvassing several shifts during the day and people making phone calls," said Ramos. "We also have people sending comfort packets out to the polls because we've had calls that the lines are rather long."

Over at the Michigan Republican Party Headquarters, every phone line was manned as volunteers made thousands of calls, encouraging people to get out and vote.

"We have volunteers across the state that are working hard to turn out the vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and our Republican ticket," said Kim Jorns, Executive Director of the Michigan Republican Party.

With a race projected to be close, both parties are confident they will see a victory when the results come in, Tuesday evening.

"Things are looking good for us in Michigan," said Jorns. "Our volunteers are just excited and enthused. We're looking forward to President Romney and Vice President Paul Ryan."

Elisa Ramos has the same confidence in the Obama ticket.

"It's been such a ride and we're just waiting for the victory," said Ramos. "That's what we've been working for and that's going to be the end result."

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