Democrats Make Final Push Before Election Day

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There was no shortage of energy outside the Michigan State University Auditorium, Monday, as Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) and several members of the Democratic ticket stepped off their buses and greeted supporters.

"This is our middle class victory tour because the reality is that the middle class in on the ballot," said Stabenow, as she spoke to the crowd.

For Stabenow and the others, the tour was part of a final push before Tuesday's election.

"We've already been in Grand Rapids, this morning, now here in East Lansing," said Stabenow. "We'll be making our way up to Flint, and then Detroit and Ann Arbor."

Candidates for state courts and offices, as well as congressional seats spoke to the crowd, between rally cries, urging a 'yes' vote on Proposal 2 and a straight Democrat vote.

Meantime, in Lansing, the city's Obama campaign headquarters had canvassers scattered throughout neighborhoods. They were not talking directly to people, Monday, but instead put information cards on the doors of voters.

"It tells them what time the polls are open and it also tells them the exact location of where they go to vote," said Valerie Smith, a Canvass Coordinator.

Team Captain James Marshall says he has had volunteers coming in all day to work the phones and knock on doors all the way until the polls close, Tuesday night.

"The anticipation is that tomorrow night we will have a president who is fulfilling his second term," said Marshall.

Obama campaign volunteers will be speaking directly to voters at their homes, on Tuesday, making sure they get out and cast their vote.

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