Democrats Hold Early 'State of the State' Address at Capitol

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New House Minority Leader Tim Greimel has a good idea of what Governor Rick Snyder is going to say in his State of the State address, Wednesday, but he's not buying it.

"You're going to be told that things are getting better," said Greimel (D-Auburn Hills). "The truth is all is not well in the state of Michigan."

Greimel took to the Capitol rotunda for what democrats are calling the 'real state of our state', one day before the governor's annual speech.

"The people of Michigan deserve to know the truth and that is, the governor's policies have failed to create jobs," said Greimel.

Greimel says nothing like this has been done before, but Snyder's actions have forced his party to take action.

"We've seen him push through extremist policies with so-called 'Right to Work' legislation and women's' health that he's always said are not on his agenda," said Greimel. "Yet, he still signs these bills into law."

Republicans disagree.
They say the governor has always been candid about what he wants to do in the state and that the democrats are the ones being misleading.

"The governor has done a fantastic job of leading the state into a new and bold direction where people can come to the state of Michigan to find a job," said Matt Frendeway of the Michigan Republican Party.

Don't tell that to the hundreds of union members expected to be outside the capitol when the governor gives his speech, one of several protests put on over the last couple months by the group 'We Are Michigan'.

"We need to be down here. It doesn't matter if you're represented by five or 500,000, we're gonna be here because of what they've done to the state of Michigan," said UAW Local 652 President, Mike Green.

They'll be there, protesting, until the governor leaves office.

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