Democrats Hear Anti-EAA Testimony

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Democrats in the state Senate heard unofficial testimony Tuesday on the Education Achievement Authority or EAA. Teachers argued against Governor Rick Snyder's proposal to expand the EAA from Detroit, where it currently runs 15 schools, to the entire state. A proposal in the legislature would allow it to take over the 50 lowest-performing schools in Michigan. Teachers said the EAA is poorly run, pointing to a lack of supplies, discipline problems and poor communication from administrators. They claim it's too early to be talking about expansion. "Here we are still, trying to codify and expand a program that we don't know that is going to be a success or not, and most likely based on the data that we have, will not be," said Cassandra Ulbrich, a democrat on the State Board of Education. Republicans argue students are doing better in the EAA than they did under Detroit Public Schools administration. The House passed an expansion bill in March. The Senate could vote later this week. The testimony wasn't official because Republicans who control the Senate did not call for a hearing.

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