Demmer Lays Off Employees

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The parking lot at Demmer Corporation is going to have fewer cars next week. While the company isn't giving out any specifics about the cuts, one employee tells News Ten some 200 are being let go.

Bob Trezise works at the Lansing Economic Area Partnership and has close ties with many large employers in the region.

"They are at 700 jobs right now, I think it's very important because it wasn't only a few years ago when I dealt with them when they were about 300," said Bob Trezise, the President & CEO of LEAP Inc. "So loosing 200 jobs is disappointing to Demmer, I'm sure, and naturally to the 200 people involved, but I think we have to remind ourselves that this is a great company."

The company has six plants in Michigan.

News Ten's Brian Johnson spoke with the Vice President of Operations, Heather Shawa-Decook, on the phone. She said the layoffs have been "apparent," saying that a lack of work has impacted workers schedules for sometime now.

Less than 24 hours earlier, we caught up with the president of the company at a fundraiser on the MSU campus in a building that bears his family's name. It was an evening honoring John Demmer, the founder of the company, for his World War II US military service.

"The greater Lansing community has been good for us. You know, we have accomplished things that we couldn't have accomplished any place else in Michigan," said Bill Demmer, President and CEO of Demmer Corporation.

When asked what was next for Demmer or if anything is on the horizon, Demmer said the following.

"We got to pay attention to business. We are in a recession, you know, and just it's pedal to the metal. It's just trying to keep the business moving forward."

Friday afternoon the company sent out a press release with no specifics saying "although [it] anticipated that 2012 would be a challenging year... the defense cuts are more significant than projected."

Demmer is working to diversify into other commercial industries. The company has partnered with Michigan Works! to help employees impacted by the layoffs find new work.

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