Delta Township Firefighters Have Drug to Treat Smoke Inhalation

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Delta Township firefighters have a powerful new tool to help treat smoke inhalation.

Doctors say it only takes minutes for smoke to starve a person's body of oxygen and knock them unconscious. But an injectable medication, Cyanokit, can slow the process down by about 20 minutes. In the business of emergency response, every minute could mean the difference between life and death.

Dr. John Dery, Sparrow Health System, says, “The fact that we now have the ability to provide this medication immediately on scene when there's the actual incident, is incredible, because it means better outcome for our patients, the people we protect, and for our firefighters who are being exposed to this on a regular basis."

Firefighters in East Lansing also have Cyanokit onboard. The drug can also used to be treat exposure to toxic chemicals like cyanide.