Delhi Neighborhood Gets New Drains

After years of flooding, a neighborhood in Holt is going to get a new drain that should alleviate the problem.

We're talking about the area near the corner of Holt and Aurelius Roads. Ingham County Drain Commissioner Pat Lindemann laid out some of the options Wednesday night and explained what's been causing the flooding.

"In 1938, it was all farmland and right after World War II, the subdivisions started going in, shopping centers started going in and at no point during all of that development did they accommodate new drains," Lindemann explained. "We've all been living with the same old-size drains and some of those are very old and they don't function well."

Lindemann hopes to start construction either this fall or next spring. He has the final say over which direction the project goes, but plans to base it on what he hears from the public.

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