Defense: Accused I-96 Shooter has Delusional Disorder

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Accused I-96 shooter Raulie Casteel appeared in an Oakland County courtroom on Friday for his scheduled preliminary exam. His wife watched from just two rows away. He waived his right to an exam, sending the case in Oakland County to trial. Outside the courthouse, Casteel's defense team spoke out for the first time.

"We have had a forensic evaluation done, there's been a conclusion that he suffers from a mental disorder, delusional disorder," said attorney Douglas Mullkoff

Though Casteel's attorneys didn't clarify, it appears that this conclusion is indicated in the first of two reports, the one that says Casteel is competent to stand trial. Judge Brian Mackenzie sealed that report at the request of defense and prosecution.

The results of the second exam which would determine criminal responsibility have not been released.

Casteel faces 60 charges for shootings in Oakland County. The most serious charge is assault with intent to murder, which carries a possible sentence of life behind bars. The attorney general has also filed charges against him, including a charge of terrorism.

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