Debbie Dingell Submits Signatures for Congressional Race

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The wife of out outgoing Congressman John Dingell is officially in the race for his seat in Washington.

Debbie Dingell turned in 2,000 petition signatures to the State Bureau of Elections Friday morning. She's running for the 12th congressional district.

She made the announcement just days after her husband, John Dingell said he would retire. She told us Friday she plans to work her tail off between now and election day.

""I know this is ambitious, but I'm hoping to do 500 coffee/tea talks, dialogues and backyard barbecues between now and November", says Dingell. "I will be in every city and every township, with people getting to know me, who I am, listening to what they care about."

Dingell plans to file her first quarter campaign finance report on Tuesday--- showing she's raised more than $500,000 in four weeks.

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