Dealers Waiting For Parts From GM For Recalled Cars

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Cars sit idle leaving GM dealers at a standstill. With 29 million GM cars recalled in the past year, keeping up with all the repairs is a challenge for dealers. Especially at Sundance Chevrolet where the parts they need aren't coming in.

"We're getting a lot of phone calls, not a lot of information to give out, other than we're waiting for the fix, the repair and the parts," said Jim Gullett, Service Director at the Grand Ledge dealership.

It's an answer customers are starting to get use to hearing. Many people are still receiving letters from GM saying their car has been recalled but there are no parts to fix it. With dealers getting similar notices, It's a guessing game for everyone

"We just wish we had more information a little quicker so it would make it a lot easier for us on the desk," Gullett said.

Now another issue for the dealership, a stop sale on some Cadillac models keeping more cars on the lot and in park.

"It's just unusual here comes a car it's froze in inventory we still keep it up for sale so the customer can come in and see them we just can't drive or deliver them," said Terry Hanks, Owner of Sundace Chevrolet.

The latest recall affects 554,000 Cadillacs including 2003 to 2013 CTS models and 2004 to 2005 SRK models. Dealers say the stop sale is just the first step before GM issues a recall. While they wait for GM to release the exact problem and fix, dealers are paying the price

"That's an inconvenience and an expense," Hanks said. "Just got to hold that car, you can't wholesale it or resale it until that release."

With the most recent news Sundance got from GM, a letter saying no information about parts for nearly 6.7 recalled cars will be released until next week, they're just hoping that information will come.

"Sometimes it is next week sometimes it's not," Gullett said.

Sundance has received parts for older cars on the recall list and have been able to fix those. They say they don't have a lot of information on parts for newer models, but once they get those parts the repairs will happen quickly.

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