Deadline for Teacher's Right to Work Decision Almost Here

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Lansing, MI - The clock is ticking. Michigan teachers have until Sunday to decide if they are going to remain in their union - or opt out.

This is the first real test of Michigan's new "Right to Work" law. The controversial law was passed in December of 2012, after a huge fight at the state capitol.

There are more than 100,000 educators in the state, and union representatives for the Michigan Education Association (MEA) are urging teachers to continue paying their dues and remain in the union.

If enough teachers decide to quit voluntarily paying their dues, it would be a large financial blow to the union. Up until now, most union workers were under multi-year contracts.

However, we have now reached the opt-out period for teachers, which leaves them with a big decision to make.

Big unions, like the UAW, which represents the big three automakers, won't reach the opt-out point until next year.

Stay tuned to News Ten for updates on what the teachers decide.

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