Deadline Arrives For Life O'Riley Residents

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After a brutal winter, breaking up the ice so Rick Horton can pull his RV out of a condemned plot at the Life O'Riley Mobile Home Park is a challenge.

"I'm going to do what I can do, and it looks like I'm pretty close and with the great friendship that I have with the neighbors and things its looking good," said Horton.

For days he's been trying to melt the ice and get his RV unstuck. The sunshine and higher temperatures Friday helped. So did some friends. He also rented a jack hammer to break up the ice.

He was one of dozens of people picking up the pieces, packing up their homes belongings and moving out.

"I expected to be here for many more years and then all of a sudden, I can't be. So what do you do?" said Horton.

For those who have moved out, looting is a problem.

Tim Demond showed us the trailer where his sister was living.

"Look the furnace is gone, the hot water heater is gone," said Demond as he showed us the single-wide.

Someone ripped the wiring out of the walls. It looked like the place had been ransacked. Whoever it was even took the kitchen sink.

"If somebody wanted to walk in here and take whatever they wanted they could do it. I can't be here all night and all day," said Demond, who lived in lot 123.

As if moving within a ten day period wasn't hard enough, a lot of the families are out money. One resident said when one family received their tax return, they paid six months rent. It is unlikely they will ever see that money again.

While Demond has a place to go, his rent has nearly tripled.

"It went from $250 up to what $700 a month. Yeah. That's a heck of a jump," he said.

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