DeWitt Teens Return Home After Rescuing Couple In Florida

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17-year-old Cody Decker and Luke Vaughn say if it weren't for their prolonged trip to Taco Bell, and having the wrong security code to get back through the gates to the condo where they were staying, they wouldn't have noticed the accident.

"There was some tires screeching and them a loud crash. You could see the flames in the distance," described Luke.

Without any hesitation, they reacted to where a car hit a tree a quarter mile down the road. They didn't even need to speak to each other before acting.

"It was a glance, then a run...I knew what he was thinking, he knew what I was thinking, and we bolted," added Cody.

Luke called 911 on the way. When they reached the car it was up in flames. the two hesitated only a moment to assess if the passengers were still alive.

"We heard a moaning coming from the passenger's side. Instantly we're running over there and trying to get them out," continued Cody.

Once they saw 42-year-old Carlos Adams and 44-year-old Tracy Lopez trapped, they dove into the flames.

"You see two adults begging for their lives. They were completely helpless, and you can either watch them burn to death or you can do whatever it takes to get them out," said Luke.

The two in the car were badly injured, and getting them out of the burning wreckage wasn't easy, but Cody and Luke managed to wedge them free.

Although police, firefighters, and the victims' families called them heroes, they don't agree: "We were just two ordinary guys in an extra-ordinary situation," said Cody.

Ordinary guys who risked their lives for complete strangers while other bystanders walked away from the scene.

And before they boarded their plane home to Mid-Michigan, they made one last vacation stop to the hospital. They found Carlos Adams still fighting for his life in a coma, and Tracy Lopez, who broke many bones, but was alert enough to visit with them and express her thanks.

The boys only had minor cuts.

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