Daycares Take Precautions to Avoid Flu

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When you work with children under five years old, you never know what they'll get into.

"They're always putting things in their mouths, they're always trying to hug and kiss each other and cuddle with each other," said Michele Mund, the Executive Director of Eastminster Child Development Center.

According to Mund, each year around flu season, the concerns are always the same.

"We're always really concerned about keeping our kids health, about trying to keep the spread of illness to as low as we possibly can in the classrooms," said Mund.

That means taking all the necessary precautions.

"Making sure that we disinfect all of our railings, our door knobs, any commonly used areas on a regular basis," said Mund.

However, there is only so much the center can do. Mund says the first precautions should be taken by the parents.

"If they feel their child just isn't feeling like themselves, isn't acting like they normally would, to go ahead and keep them home for the day," said Mund.

With three pediatric deaths so far this year, which is rare this early in the flu season, the Michigan Department of Community Health agrees. In fact, they say stopping the spreading of germs starts at home.

"Just simply covering your mouth with a tissue when you cough, disinfecting any surfaces that they may touch, and then making sure they wash their hands with soap and water," said Angela Minicuci, Public Information Officer for the MDCH.

Even hospitals are taking precautions. Due to the number of flu cases, Owosso's Memorial Healthcare is restricting the number of visitors allowed.

Sparrow Hospital and Allegiance Hospital in Jackson are also looking at restrictions if the number of cases gets too high.

If you find yourself with flu-like symptoms, doctors say staying home and resting for four days is the best option. That's when a person is the most contagious.

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