Day Two - North American International Auto Show

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On Day Two of the North American International Auto Show's preview, Fay Li covered Governor Snyders visit to the show, and Alyssa Fenske checked out some new "green" technology from Cadillac.

WILX's Alyssa Fenske checked out the latest offering from Cadillac. "Cadillac unveiled their newest electric car today. They are calling it the ELR. It can get up to 35 miles on energy alone with no emissions harming the environment."

WILX's Fay Li followed Governor Rick Snyder as he toured the auto show: "Governor Snyder visited Ford, Chrysler, GM and talked about how the automotive industry drives the state's economy."

Watch for Fay and Alyssa's reports on WILX News 10, to find out the latest from the North American International Auto Show.